Access to Justice

Judge Dietz always has had a passion for improving access to justice for those who cannot afford a lawyer.  Read more about Judge Dietz’s experience representing clients pro bono, and his commitment to access to justice, in this email to North Carolina’s legal community.

Experience Matters

Did you know that before Judge Dietz became an appellate lawyer he worked at a university in Japan, researching and lecturing on American law to Japanese students? Read more about Judge Dietz’s experience in Japan in this email sent to North Carolina’s 20,000+ lawyers.

A view from the Court of Appeals

I sent an email to all 20,000+ lawyers in North Carolina with some background about my approach to writing opinions. It got great feedback and many attorneys told me I should share it with the public. So for anyone curious about the work we do at the Court of Appeals, click the link below to see a copy of the email.

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